Trener og mentor - Hypnotherapist Kim Oechsle


Jørgen Rasmussens Psychological Illusion Model (PIM) course turned my world around. It changed the way I do therapy and the way I live my life. Strangely, the PIM was completely new to me but at the same time it somehow confirmed what I had previously "known" but didn't have words or strategies for. The PIM is now a fundamental framework for my sessions with clients. I like the no-nonsense and purity of the approach. As a hypnotherapist I appreciate that I can use the PIM with low-hypnotisable, analytical clients as well as with highly hypnotisable clients. In addition, the PIM course has taken my studies in new directions which have consolidated my knowledge and expanded my change work toolset immensely. Blending eastern wisdom into our western cognitively dominated therapies has been called a wave. But while others might be surfing, Jørgens PIM is parachuting off this wave.

Kim Oechsle ( - hypnoterapi for krop og sind)

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Tilstandstrening fungerer i praksis som et en til en kurs. Min rolle som instruktør er å guide deg gjennom tanke eksperimenter samt lære deg teknikker og redskaper som du kan bruke for å skape ønskede endringer på egne premisser.