Trener og mentor

08 Mai. 2019

I can highly recommend Jorgen as a trainer and mentor. I see 4 to 5 clients per day using his methods combined with my own personal experience and The results have been phenomenal.

BUT more importantly the burnout I used to experience after 6 days a week of dealing with people has now gone. It’s no longer about ME creating the change the shift is now onto the client to take responsibility and my job is to creatively get them to see the truth.

Every day is now a new experience and something I look forward to.

Craig Homonnay

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Resultater Som Varer

Tilstandstrening fungerer i praksis som et en til en kurs. Min rolle som instruktør er å guide deg gjennom tanke eksperimenter samt lære deg teknikker og redskaper som du kan bruke for å skape ønskede endringer på egne premisser.