John Thompson, NLP Trainer and Business Consultant

"I have  met with Jørgen several years ago in Norway whilst working with John  Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I delivered a day introduction to  the delegates who were attending a Coaching with Excellence course.  Jorgen has a strong presence and stony faced humor. He is a true  maverick and honorable in his work with clients. His book is in my  opinion is outside the boundaries set in this field (the field of  hypnosis NLP books) which is a brave step. Some of the text I am sure  made me blush (and I am a Yorkshire man) and I congratulate Jorgen for  having the balls to write such a book. His knowledge is advanced and of  the highest level in this field plus he has the best qualifications …  results. This is a great read and has the formats of how you should  approach impossible clients."

John Thompson

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Tilstandstrening fungerer i praksis som et en til en kurs. Min rolle som instruktør er å guide deg gjennom tanke eksperimenter samt lære deg teknikker og redskaper som du kan bruke for å skape ønskede endringer på egne premisser.