Darryll Scott, NLP Trainer and Performance Coach

"Jørgen’s  book arrived this weekend and I have been unable to put it down. I  thought I had no behavioral boundaries under the banner of ‘what’s most  effective for the client’ but this guy makes my methods look tame. More  importantly; not since Frogs into Princes have I seen a book that  captures the spirit of flexibility required to be a real change artist -  and it’s mainly implicit in Frogs into Princes. Jørgen makes it  explicit and in-your-face. If you are one of my Practitioners or Master  Practitioners - read it! It will echo my attitude to change work (there  are no relevant considerations other that the ultimate welfare of your  client and rapport is not ‘being nice’). For so-called NLP Practitioners  that ‘run the script’ (with inadequate calibration and inadequate  flexibility to go ‘off road’) this should be a wake up call to you. You  will probably find it shocking in places, if you do I would urge you to  pay attention to your inflexible boundary that Jørgen has crossed."

Darryll Scott

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