Fra Seminar - John Phelan

Last week I attended a 4 day intensive training with Jorgen Rasmussen, author of the book ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ organised by Wayne marsh (UmamiUK) in Doncaster.

Jorgen’s book openly details his direct and often controversial approach to change-work with clients. After reading it, I admit that I was mildly apprehensive before attending the training. I would not have been surprised if Jorgen had turned out to be nothing more than an impatient bully. I found this could not be more wrong. What I experienced was beyond my expectations.

I have spent 20 years working in education with children, teenagers, families and teachers, and I now run my own as an NLP Trainer. In all this time, these were 4 days of the best and most productive days of my career.

I found the course to be remarkably insightful. Jorgen had a great depth of knowledge and understanding as to how best to help clients. Rather than an impatient bully, I experienced Jorgen to be a compassionate person, who – in the name of achieving results for a client – is willing to put aside his own ego, and be very effective at cutting through other people’s stories and B.S.

Jorgen’s commitment to helping others, for me, was typified when just prior to the start of the course all European airports were closed (volcanic ash from Iceland was playing havoc with atmosphere). Instead of postponing and rescheduling the course, which would have been understandable, Jorgen drove from Norway, through Europe to Doncaster in the UK. This would not be an easy journey.

On personal and professional levels, I gained tremendously from the 4 days training. Jorgen’s willingness to share his knowledge and experiences reaffirmed many approaches of my own and critically, gave me many useful new ones for working with clients ….. and a new perspective on how to conduct my own self! I was impressed by Jorgen’s congruence with his own approach and his “dirt level honesty” with the group. This, I considered to be a Model of Excellence and one worth patterning. The discomfort I experienced as I looked at aspects of my own self was a necessary and worthy revelation. It was, and is, being utilised for the better.

Since first reading ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ and attending the training, I have appraised my own approaches and changed many things. My ‘back-pocket’ (as John Grinder calls it!) now has many more tools. Most importantly for me, by modelling Jorgen’s approach, it has enabled me to knit the tools together into a much more fluid, flexible and effective approach. My success levels with clients have improved, the time taken to achieve these has diminished and I now have a greater sense of purpose and clarity in my work than I did previously.

I highly recommend Jorgen’s book ‘Provocative Hypnosis’. It is a fascinating read which will take you from laughing to squirming. It widen your eyes in wonder at a real balls-out approach to change-work with clients. It will also make you stop. It will then force your hand to reconsider many things. More than his book if you get the chance to meet the man, or attend a training he is delivering …..DO IT! You will be blown away and inspired. I was, I am and I look forward to continually being.

John Phelan - NLP Trainer, Echelon NLP

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