Fra Seminar - Alistair Donnel

When I purchased Provocative Hypnosis I honestly never, ever expected I would even meet the guy let alone be lucky enough to train with him. This training was the final piece of my first real jigsaw. My lineage of training has been so perfect, just perfect. I am proud that I have demonstrated choice par excellence in my trainings so far.

The training answered loads and loads for me. Questions I had but didn’t quite consciously know were there but constantly thinking Aah! This is perfectly what I was consciously (e.g commitment) and mostly unconsciously looking for. A huge learning I soaked up was the intense sense of professionalism from Jorgan. Its real professionalism I can utilise instead of just using daft stories to bash other professions ala Mr Bandler which I think can be taken in the wrong way by many. I have a strong sense of professionalism for teaching but always felt I didn’t have it yet for changework – it wasn’t transfering like I thought it would but thinking about it they are two different professions!! I always had a feeling I was kinda bumbling about in the dark trying to be professional but I have a torch now…

Jorgen Rasmussens deep appreciation of NLP means he can turn to whatever it takes to get the change and this can often lead him outside of the field of NLP itself. I barely even heard the term mentioned it just wasn’t necessary. For someone with a Psychology background while I’m not surprised I boxed myself in to “NLP” I am glad I have experienced someone who appears to be unifying fields with finesse bringing much needed pioneering work to a field that was and I emphasise was going stale.

Rasmussen is doing for Grinder what Grinder did for Bateson. Rasmussen is doing for Grinder what Grinder did for Bandler. All genius’ in there own right working together with there own invaluable unique skills to create something magical.

Alistair Donne

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