Fra Seminar - Jill Collins

Provocative hypnosis – if you come to this training expecting to worship at the altar of Bandler, Grinder, McKenna, James or Rasmussen you are in the wrong place! Guru’s are neither recognised nor welcomed and the religious fanaticism which pervades much of the world of NLP and hypnosis is debunked very early on. Handy hint number one…leave your guru and altar at home!

The simplicity and directness of Jorgen’s approach is astonishing, learning to easily lead even the most sceptical into deep hypnosis with the intention of creating lasting change within minute is breathtaking. Handy hint number two KISS – keep it simple stupid!

Jorgen’s approach is straightforward – dirt level honesty, being wholly present in the encounter, a willingness to fully commit to do whatever it takes to get the outcome with integrity, passion respect and heart. He walks the talk and as a result both demands and draws that same commitment from participants so back seat observers can easily become fully engaged. Handy hint number three No bullshitting!

The provocation is full on…sometimes surprising, occasionally shocking, powerful, intense and evoking strong emotions which are so often the precursor to deep and lasting change. However, be under no illusions this is no dark foreboding experience – the training is playfully serious and seriously playful with laughter and fun playing a major part in the process. Handy hint number four keep a packet of Kleenex handy and make sure you don’t have a full bladder!

The balance of case histories, exercises, planned demonstrations and those which spontaneously arose, together with open question and answer sessions ensure boredom is not an option with the group constantly captivated, provoked entranced challenged and energised. The open supportive learning environment proved ideal for safe experimentation and mistake making which proved a great recipe for shared learning. This training is intensely practical and grounded to be used immediately and not left on the shelf or in the toolbox. Handy hint number five dive right in and give it your best shot!

Although Jorgen may have what he describes as his “Favourite format” he is no one trick pony and I have rarely heard someone adopt such a flexible and eclectic approach with no respect for labels boundaries dogma or tradition. NLP, hypnosis, developmental psychology, mindfulness and so much more mixed shaken and stirred to produce a heady cocktail which gets to the parts others may not reach! Handy hint number six be willing to become less certain of your certainties and realise the more you know the more you don’t know!

For my part, I met some great people, laughed a lot, cried a bit, was offended, confused, intrigued, deeply moved and excited, discovered some personal limitations, learned so much and have been provoked to find new choices both working with clients and also in my own life journey with some new twists and turns emerging which I will fully explore.

So was it worth the investment of time money and energy? Hell yes!

Jill Collins, NLP Trainer

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