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Scotland, February 2016

"I visited Joergen hoping to clear some deep-seated feelings of anger that I felt were affecting my health. After one session, I experienced a very pleasant shift as if a weight had been lifted from me. Others noticed a change in me too. For those of you hesitant to try this style of hypnotherapy, let me encourage you. His style is more akin to a guided meditation than what I had expected. There is no loss of autonomy or awareness. I can remember feeling deeply grounded and peaceful after the session. This feeling of peace lasted for quite some months afterwards. I was so surprised by the positive effects of this one session, that I have since recommended Joergen to family and friends." Cheers.

Maurisa McColm

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Tilstandstrening fungerer i praksis som et en til en kurs. Min rolle som instruktør er å guide deg gjennom tanke eksperimenter samt lære deg teknikker og redskaper som du kan bruke for å skape ønskede endringer på egne premisser.