Kvitt kronisk smerte - Plantar fascitt

17 April. 2023

!"Owner of One2One Bodyscapes Personal Training"

After suffering through painful plantar fasciitis for nearly 8 months, I finally had enough. An avid runner, I had been grounded and extremely frustrated. I had been to PT, chiropractic care, dry needling, podiatrists, and had two cortisone shots. In addition, X-rays showed nothing structurally wrong. Nothing seemed to work. Every morning the same thing…excruciating foot pain and certainly no running. I bought sleeves, calf stretchers, foam rollers, heel pads…no luck!

I knew my pain had no structural basis and couldn’t figure out what to do. Then a friend referred me to Joergen Rasmussen. Joergen is a hypnotist specializing in chronic pain. When I first called Joergen, I expected to see him for many visits, and he said “let’s just set up two. That should be all you need.”

He helped me focus my mind around the sensations in my foot. The pain center is in the brain, and under his guidance he was able to help me calm the fear of that pain in my brain. I struggled after the first visit, and the mental exercises were tough. However, I stuck with it, and the pain started to ease just before the 2nd visit. In fact, the change was remarkable. I didn’t even need the 3rd visit but did it anyway because Joergen was so helpful, and his ability to communicate the concepts and help me focus was so important.

I can’t hardly believe it! It took me just about 6 weeks to be pain free and am back to running about 20 miles a week, plus a lot of pickleball! Most importantly, I’m not in pain anymore!

If you have chronic pain, keep an open mind and give Joergen a call!

John Pinsky

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